From our first meeting you and your team have been outstanding.  You should be proud of the team of professionals you have assembled.  Whether Steve, Chris, Kenny or yourself, each of you has always been responsive, supportive, practical and working towards a solution.  While Active did have proposals from others, I do not believe any could support us the way Crystal has.

—Richard Vendig, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

"We are excited to have Crystal as our financing partner. This new credit facility provides us with significant flexibility for continued execution of our growth initiatives into the coming years. Crystal’s creative approach, long-term focus and flexibility were the primary drivers why we chose them."

—Andrew Coon, CEO of CapFlow Funding

“We are excited about the partnership with Crystal. They were able to structure a customized financing solution that allows us to dramatically accelerate our growth.”

—Bob Millerberg, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Crest

“Crystal Financial has worked hard to develop a financing package that meets the needs of easyhome. The new term loan will allow us to capture more of the demand for alternative sources of consumer financing in the Canadian marketplace and continue growing our financial services businesses.” 

—Steve Goertz, Chief Financial Officer

“There are very few financial partners who can move with the speed, discipline and fairness that Crystal did in helping us acquire such marquee media properties as the Orange County Register.  Their team was a pleasure to work with as the inevitable questions and challenges arose in the diligence and closing process.”

—Aaron Kushner, CEO of 2100 Trust and Freedom Communications

"We needed a financing partner with prior experience in our industry, who would understand and value our track record, to provide a facility that would generate maximum levels of liquidity and fund our growth. There is no question that Crystal Financial’s Chris Arnold and the team distinguished themselves very quickly and executed a transaction that met and exceeded our expectations. We look forward to a long-term productive relationship."

—Jim Teppen, GCA President

"We are extremely pleased with the long term partnership we have had with Crystal. Chris Arnold and the team have a very in-depth knowledge of the specialty finance industry and their thoughtful approach has made them a trusted and critical resource in facilitating our growth."

—Brian Markworth, Chief Financial Officer

“The Tampa Bay Times has been working with the team at Crystal Financial for more than three years. Their hard work and industry knowledge were essential to facilitating an important strategic acquisition and put the company on solid financial footing. Beyond the numbers, the Crystal team cared about the success of our business.”

—Paul Tash, CEO of Tampa Bay Times

“We are very pleased with our relationship with Crystal. They took the time to understand our unique business model and provided a very attractive structure. Crystal continues to be a very supportive and flexible partner.”

—Larry Bartlett, Vice President - Finance, TRI Ventures, Inc

"We are very pleased to have successfully secured this additional capital from Crystal. The Crystal team was terrific to work with during the process and executed the transaction with our current revolving lender seamlessly and efficiently. This incremental liquidity will allow us to implement our growth and profit improvement strategies. We are excited to move forward with our improved capital structure and we’re confident that the partnership will be a beneficial one for us long term."

—Juergen Stark, Chief Executive Officer, Turtle Beach Corporation